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Diesel Fundamentals




Industry standards for entry level diesel technicians have been determined by ATA an advisory board.  And, in an effort to bring new diesel technicians into the market, train to those standards, measure competency of those standards, and place those technicians in jobs, the Diesel Fundamentals Certification is used to credential entry level technicians and create an industry standard for hiring within the transportation job market.


DFC Value in the Market

While there is a shortage of technicians in the marketplace, employers want to hire competent employees with basic skills and competencies on and off the shop floor.  The DFC credential on a resume indicating basic proficiency to an employer is critical in the job search and placement process.


Jobs with a DFC

Entry level technicians with a DFC are qualified for a host of positions within the transportation industry. Jobs include...Employers understand that hiring an employee with a DFC ensures a capable and professional employee dedicated to both the company and the profession and willing to work hard to improve and add to their diesel technician skill set.


DFC Prerequisites

Prior to accessing the Preparation and Study Guide and accessing the DFC exam, a background check and hands-on experience checklist must be completed and submitted.

DFC Preparation and Study Guide

In preparation for the DFC, an online self-paced courseware package is provided to support pre-testing knowledge and mastery of the basic skills necessary to pass the DFC exam and demonstrate proficiency as an entry level diesel technician.

DFC Testing

The DFC exam is accessed online and should be completed after achieving mastery of the Preparation and Study Guide materials.  After completing the exam, a PASS/FAIL score will be provided.  

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Upon passing the exam,the DFC will be provided and access to the Hire A Diesel Mechanic Job Portal will be available.  Resumes indicating the DFC and other credentials, training, and skills will be posted on the portal and available to employers.  As a job candidate, access to employer information and job postings will be available.  Ongoing career counseling and opportunities for ongoing training will also be available.


Upon failing the exam, academic advising with a Career Coach will be available.  Ongoing access to the Preparation and Study Guide will be available and access to the DFC exam will be provided again after a 4 week waiting period allowing for additional time to prepare for the exam.


Career Coaches are available at all steps of the process from pre-certification to testing to resume development, interview skills/resources, and general coaching on the job search process.  Support in navigating both the Preparation and Study Guide as well as the Hire A Diesel Mechanic portal are also available.


There are three components of the DFC:

Researching and Writing



Application, Prerequisite Review, Preparation and Study Guide



Adult Students






Job Interview



Career Coaching, Resume Development, Access to Job Portal




Note:  Customized services packages are available for those that do not pass the DFC exam and can be packaged based on an initial Career Coach Session.

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1. Complete the application process (website link) *Note the prerequisite checklist validating hands-on experience and background check. 

2. After receiving confirmation of the application process, a code will be provided to pay for the initial $500 installment.  A Career Coach will follow up to make sure you have accessed the Preparation and Study Guide and address any questions in the process to the DFC exam.

3. Complete the courseware (validated by the Career Coach).  Use the code provided to pay the exam fee ($300) and complete the DFC exam.

4. PASS/FAIL notification will be provided by the Career Coach and a Career Map will be provided based on the PASS/FAIL rating.

5. Pay the final installment ($500) to receive the DFC, Career Coaching, and placement and access to the Job Portal (Hire A Diesel Mechanic).

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