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Diesel Fundamentals









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Basic Information
Hands-On Experience
2 Years
Servicing and replacing oil and air filters
Automotive grease fittings
Inspecting and replacing car lights and wipers
Checking, refilling and changing oil and other vehicle fluids
Rotating tires

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In March of 2017, a task force comprised of stakeholders from the leading transportation companies, including service managers, master technicians and fleet managers gathered at the American Trucking Associations 2017 TMC (Technology and Maintenance Council.) 


The goal of this meeting was to establish baseline skill expectation and standards for entry level diesel technicians.   The task force reviewed more than 100 comprehensive surveys received from transportation companies across the United States and developed a final “task list” of skills and training that companies should reasonably expect entry-level technicians to possess. 


In an effort to bring new diesel technicians into the market, the Diesel Fundamentals Certification (DFC) is used to credential entry level technicians and create an industry standard for hiring and performance expectations.



The DFC is the entry point for a new technician in the diesel industry.  More than just a resume, it shows employers that you have hands on experience, theoretical knowledge of the systems on which you will be working and have passed rigorous examination.


Employers understand that hiring an employee with a DFC ensures a capable and professional employee dedicated to both the company and the profession and willing to work hard to improve and add to their diesel technician skill set.



DFC Prerequisites


There are three steps to earning the DFC.


Step 1.  Proof of Hands on-experience.  Only individuals who have completed an educational program in automotive, diesel or have requisite work experience in either area, may sit for the DFC exam. 



Step 2.  Online Courseware.  Employers expect proof that you have mastered the theory behind diesel systems, equipment and technology.  You’ll do this by completing a one of a kind course that’s quite unlike any on-line course you’ve ever experienced.  It actually gets to know YOU.  It understands your strengths and weaknesses.  Therefore people progress through the course at different paces.  Think of the course as more of an on-line tutor.  Instead of telling you that you passed or failed.  It helps with this areas where you need help and lets you quickly progress through areas where you have solid understanding.  This course will take anywhere between 7-14 total hours.  Its an investment, but well worth it.


Step 3.  The DFC Exam.  The DFC is a 60 question exam that evaluates your mastery of the diesel principles in the course and curriculum.  The exam is pass-fail.  Passage of the exam+hands on experience+completion of the courseware earns the DFC Certification. 


You Passed the Exam!


Congratulations!  There are now dozens of the best transportation companies all over the United States just waiting to hire you.  Why are they going to hire you?


Your resume, picture and DFC Credential and other skills will appear on the hire a diesel mechanic job website.  Employers access this site, because other job sites have become completely clogged, are unmaintained and are pretty much worthless. spent 18 months building a huge portfolio of employers who are looking for the exact candidate with your credentials.  They want someone young, hungry with proven hands on experience and drive.  And the time you put in earning your DFC proves that drive. 


As importantly will help you prepare the best resume possible and will even alert employers in your geographic area to the fact that you are available for hire.  We’ll help you with interview skills.  We’ll reach out to employers on your behalf. 


Congratulations!  There are dozens of companies just waiting to hire you! 


Ughh.  You did not pass the exam


Take a deep breath and dig back into the course.  After a 4 week waiting period, you are eligible to take the exam again.  Need help preparing for the exam?  We have tutors who can help you do that. 


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